donut doughnut chocolateFUN DONUT FACT:

Bad Poetry Day!


The sun is up and a new day is ahead.I don’t want to get up. I want to stay in bed.I don’t work today. I have nowhere to go.To the world, I wish to be a no-show.However, there’s that smell so sweet.It comes from the donut shop across the street.Everything there smells so heavenly.I start my morning with FRESH DONUTS AND COFFEE.

Let’s face it – not everybody’s the best writer, lyricist or poet. But don’t let that stop you!

donut doughnut jokeKnock knock!
Who's there?
Doughnut Who?
Doughnut forget to close the door!


National Tell a Joke Day!

What would be better than a day filled with laughter?

National Tell a Joke Day is observed annually on August 16th, and that’s no joke!

This day will be filled with smiles and much laughter from morning till night as everyone shares their favorite jokes. The more jokes you tell, the more fun you will have and so will those around you.

Jokes have been a part of human culture since at least 1900 BC.

A joke is described as something that is spoken, written or done with humorous intention. They can come in many forms. On National Tell a Joke Day, try a one-liner or a knock-knock joke if you aren’t comfortable with the whole comedic act that can be involved in the short story versions. Some simply rely on gestures to express humor.

big boy donut doughnut smFUN DONUT FACT:

August is Family Fun Month!

Come celebrate the family at DoughBoys Donuts by splitting a Big Boy!

Each year, Family Fun Month is celebrated throughout the month of August. It is the opportune time to enjoy family with extra fun and activities.


Make some time this month for family fun.

Only In Your State LogoFUN DONUT FACT:

According to Only In Your State, DoughBoys Donuts is THE Top Choice in Reno for Mouth Watering Uncontrollably Donuts!

DoughBoys Donuts is proud to be selected as the top choice in Reno for Donuts and second for the ENTIRE state of Nevada.

From Only In Your State: "I absolutely LOVE donuts! Who doesn’t? Thankfully for me and all of you other donut lovers out there, Nevada doesn’t have a shortage when it comes to donut shops. There are many delicious donut shops located throughout Nevada, and here are 8 you should definitely check out."


DoughBoys Donuts will be Supplying the Jelly Donuts for the Hot August Nights Jelly Donut Eating Contest at the Atlantis Casino, Tonight


Tonight at 8pm at the Atlantis Resort and Casino will be the annual Jelly Donut Eating Contest.

You can sign up at the Outdoor Stage or just come and watch the show!

DoughBoys Donuts is proud to donate all the jelly donuts to the Atlantis Casino for their annual jelly donut eating contest.

The Atlantis Casino runs four eating competitions in celebration of the Hot August Nights classic car gathering. You can check out a great timelapse from last years jelly donut competition at the RGJ here or see below.