donut doughboys apple fritterFUN DONUT FACT:

It's National Fritters Day

No frittering away your time on December 2nd!

Make haste and get them while they are hot at DoughBoys Donuts because it is National Fritters Day.

Fritters come in a variety of forms, from morsels dipped in flavorful batters to bits of dough stuffed or filled with delicious surprises, all of which are deep-fried and served hot with dips, drips or dustings of seasonings, sweets or sauces. Found in cuisines all around the world, fritters are believed to have first been consumed by Ancient Romans who then introduced them to Europe. Most commonly filled with fruit or cheese, they can also be filled with savory meats, seafood and vegetables.


Enjoy National Fritters Day by trying one of DoughBoys Donuts three flavors:

Cherry Fritter

Blueberry Fritter

Apple Fritter

Bear claw apple donut doughboys doughnutsFUN DONUT FACT:

DoughBoys Donuts is Number 1!

logo best things nevada

Best Things Nevada has rated DoughBoys Donuts Number 1 for another year!

Here is what they said:

"A true small-town bakery, the doughnuts here are amazing. Whether you sample their famous Wolf Pack Paw or something more traditional, chances are you won't just have one. The icy goodness is worth the drive and wait in line."

best reno 2017 best bakery doughboys donutsDoughBoys Donuts Voted Best of Reno 2017!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us, we are very proud to be the 2017 Best of Reno Readers' Choice for Best Bakery!

Here is what they said about us:

Ah yes, the power of the pink cardboard box. What treasures did your relatives, co-workers or friends bring to share (or hopefully didn’t forget?). That question gets answered thousands of times a week for patrons of DoughBoys Donuts. The business started in the 1980's, but didn’t begin in Reno until current owner Jay Kenny moved from Southern California to Reno. The first DoughBoys store was a hit, and he hasn’t looked back since. Among the items is the Wolf Pack Paw, a UNR-centric creation with blue vanilla icing. 


DoughBoys Donuts Can Supply Donuts for Your Wedding or Other Event

Doughboys donuts caters weddings special events

Cake is so old fashioned, looking for something new and fun to serve your guests at your wedding or big event?

Think DoughBoys

Are You Going to the Reno Balloon Races?

air balloon races DoughBoys Donuts

Save time, skip breakfast and stop by DoughBoys Donuts on the way, we will be open!

Special Balloon Races Hours:

Northwest Reno Location
5115 Mae Anne Ave Ste B
Reno, NV

Friday open at 4 am
Saturday open at 3:45 am
Sunday open an 4 am