Ever wonder where donuts came from?

The origin of the donut is still under debate. One fun story is traced back to colonial times, when, as the story goes, a cow kicked over a pot of boiling oil onto a mixture of pastry dough. MMMmmmm. "The most tasty animal mistake in history" as the Time's put it.

damonte-ranch-high-school-donutHappy to Start School Off with a Sweet Treat

DoughBoys Donuts was proud to support Damonte Ranch High School by donating over 500 donut holes for the first day of school.

Here are some fun facts about going back to school:

barracuda championship logo-donutsDid you make it to the Barracuda Championship?

DoughBoys Donuts was a proud sponsor of the fourth hole of the Barracuda Championship.

Here is DoughBoys Donuts owner Jay Kenny with winner J.J. Henry. DoughBoys Donuts was proud to support this local event.

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Have that special event or a friend that is hard to shop for? Give them the sweet treat of DoughBoys Donuts!

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Ever wonder where the word "Donut" came from?

The Dutch are credited with bringing donuts to the U.S. in the 1800s. They were first called “olykoeks”, or oily cakes. Apparently, the world of marketing hadn’t become important. Not exactly a drool-inducing name. It’s OK….they taste good.