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It's National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day is observed annually on the first Friday in March. This day was created as a way of focusing the attention of all the employers in all industries on employee recognition. Celebrations are created and carried out by employers everywhere, and consist of various ways that deserved appreciation is shown to their employees.

Employees are one of a company’s greatest assets. Recognition and appreciation is known as one of the key motivational factors in the workplace.

An employer may show their appreciation of an employee’s efforts and contributions to the goals of the company in a variety of ways from rewards to verbal interactions. Expressing employee appreciation increases employee job satisfaction.


Great Ways To Show Your Employees Some Appreciation

  1. Bring them DoughBoys Donuts of course! We also sell gift certificates, so your employees can enjoy a sweet treat with their families and friends as well.

  2. Be Flexible – Flexibility goes a long way in this virtual reality world. If possible with your industry, allowing a little flexibility can reap huge benefits when you need last minute work done.

  3. A Thank You Note – When a job has been done well, a heart-felt, hand-written thank you means more than a slap on the back or an e-mail sent off at the end of the day.

  4. Big Boy donut doughboys donuts doughnutTeam Effort Celebration – If the team pulled together and made it happen, reward them with an office Big Boy party, casual dress day or even close the office early so they can spend some well earned time with family.

  5. Get Caught – Make sure the employee hears you telling someone else you thought they did a really great job.

  6. Create a Culture of Encouragement – Employees who expand their horizons bring new skills to your workforce and will encourage others to do so too. Praise their achievements and encourage others to pursue their goals.

If you have employees, be sure to show them some appreciation and use #EmployeeAppreciationDay to post on social media. click here for more